Copyright notice

All of the images on this website are copyrighted by Susan Cole Kelly, and are protected by international copyright law. You may not use or reproduce them in any way without her written permission. Fees will be charged for each use. The website itself and all its contents are also copyrighted.

Finding the image you need

The image you need might be right here. If not, Susan’s library contains over 100,000 photographs. Even though we can’t show them all here, they are all available for licensing. Give us a description of your needs and we will prepare an online lightbox of small images for your review. The more information you give, the more we can fine-tune the images we send you. Please call 617.823.0611 or send a message to with your request.

Licensing fees

All of the images on this site may be licensed for use by publishers, corporations, and designers. Usage fees will be determined by:

* the type of use requested
* the number of copies to be distributed
* how big the image will appear
* how long the image will be used
* the type of rights you need (exclusive or non-exclusive) 

Simply call us and describe your needs, and we’ll give you a quote.

Licensing Agreement

We’ll need to agree on terms before you can use any of our images. Once you have outlined the rights you need, we will send you a licensing agreement specifying the exact details of our arrangement. You may never use any of our images without agreeing on terms and fees, and receiving the licensing agreement.

High-resolution Image Delivery

Give us a list of your final choices, the size at which they will be displayed, and the resolution you need (usually 300dpi for printed products). We will create high-resolution images to your specifications and send them to you either

* on a CD/DVD 
* via ftp to your server
* on our delivery platform for you to download

We seldom send out original slides, and will need your FedEx or UPS account for shipments.

We hope to hear from you soon!